Why is it that energy comes in waves and cycles?

Answer from the Spiritual Hierarchy:

Waves are part of the order of life and all energies can be considered as having a wave nature. Waves also come from the higher dimensions, when the planet is ready, to bring about evolutionary changes. These include the “sparks” that lead to new inventions and technologies as well as new ideas that are given when Man has evolved to a certain point so that he is capable of taking on these changes.

Cycles are necessary because of the nature of Man. He needs a structure in order to survive; there has to be an order in people’s lives. Each day the Sun rises and sets at predictable times as the seasons turn from one into another. The tides rise and fall with mathematical accuracy and women exhibit a menstrual cycle which correlates to the phases of the Moon. The Earth in spinning turns once a day, it orbits the Sun defining the year and constantly wobbles on its axis. Even our breathing and heartbeats are rhythmical.

These all add up to Man’s stability to cope with the ups and downs of just surviving.