The True Potential of the Human Brain

The Brain remains as one of our greatest mysteries; we all have one and yet we have little idea how it functions. In the last few decades science has made great neurological discoveries and can monitor brain waves as well as pinpointing areas of activity during thought processes.

What is not known is the true nature of thinking, perception and memory as well as a plausible explanation for phenomena such as out of body and near death experiences. There is also much conjecture and debate as to whether, in fact, we actually use the full potential of our brain.
(Please note we are not referring to the 10% theory)

It is this final point that we want to address in this article. Every part of the Human body has a well known function; even the appendix, historically, had an important use. So why do we have a brain that seems to offer more than we generally use?

At the time of writing (2016) science is on the brink of discovering the existence of other dimensions as a result of experiments carried out at CERN. By that we mean as a reality, not just some mathematical fudge that helps substantiate a complex cosmological theory.

We also know that vast numbers of people scattered around the globe are all having dreams about Beings of Light. So if we put these two ideas together the obvious conclusion it that there exists a multi-dimensional Universe that contains Intelligence.

This then leads us back to the Brain and engaging its full potential. Could it be that there are parts of it, or mechanisms within it that are poised to become conscious of these other dimensions and further, to communicate with the intelligence that exists there?

Those of you that meditate on Light and Sound already know the answer. We can exist beyond our thoughts and have absolute knowledge of these vast planes which we usually refer to as the Spiritual Realms. Many of you are also aware of Beings or an Intelligence that populates these regions. (see article on Gods, Saviours and the Hierarchy).

Finally, we are suggesting that there are many aspects of the brain, of which we have virtually no knowledge, that are there for us to use in order to gain access to the higher dimensions or levels of consciousness, beyond the limits of our 3-D universe.

This is the doorway to our Spiritual Evolution.

From the Hierarchy:

With respect to the Brain and its functions – it is underused and the reasons being that since Man has been on Earth there have been major shifts in how it has been utilized.

Since Man lived in primitive conditions to now there has been much change and the Brain has had to adapt to these changes. We are talking about the rise and fall of civilizations and Spirituality played a major part. Therefore, of course that part of the Brain to do with linking with Higher Dimensions came into use until the demise of that particular civilization. Then it lay dormant.

Just to note, that every major civilization has been linked in some way, to a greater or lesser degree to Spirituality.