Testimonial (J.H.)

I meditated through the night, Sunday, a first for me but there was no time, it was effortless and wonderful. I have always felt there was a journey, new and exciting places to be, somewhere I could be content forever.

Suddenly, in an instant there wasn’t.

Everything stopped – no Sound – no Light – no Thing,
Just that part of me that became one with no Thing, “I” was no thing.
I was every Thing, I was the source of no Thing and every Thing, words are so inadequate, but it was beautiful and all I can equate it to is LOVE.

For every Thing and no Thing, how jumbled, but it’s as clear as day for me, blissful and yet not. I have stopped every now and then but I can keep going, it’s easy and I am energized, involved with everything and no thing, I am singing ??

I felt like my world had imploded, I was not going anywhere, it was not a journey, my expansion was infinite, ‘I’ was the journey, there was no thing, I KNEW – I UNDERSTOOD what I had been searching for – for 20 years and not knowing I was the roadblock, such simplicity, all we need is LOVE, not the earthly physical kind, but the global love that can heal nations.

So I am trying to ground myself to function, although I have no desire whatsoever!