Service, by many, would be considered as an old fashioned word and concept. In today’s world of “what’s in it for me”, the idea of an allegiance through serving a person or cause sounds strange and out-dated.

However, when it comes to Spirituality, it is something we should all ponder and adopt as a natural way to walk our paths. If we consider the Hierarchy of beings that populate the higher levels of consciousness, they demonstrate the principle constantly and tirelessly. Due to their boundless love for humanity and other life forms in the manifested universe, they serve all, as it is the essence of their very nature.

Therefore, if we are wise we will attempt to reflect this quality in all that we do. When a person begins to walk a Spiritual Path it is usually for what they can get out of it personally, but they will find this attitude will not unlock their true potential. The first problem they encounter will be their own meditation: If it is approached with greed and desire, the sublime states will elude them. However, if they open up their hearts so as to serve the Spiritual Energies, they will ultimately receive: this seems to be a Law of the Creation.

Even though we may meditate daily the majority of our lives will still be in the world, in which we will encounter many people, so this is where we prepare for our precious time on the cushion and here is exactly where we can serve.We can learn to give freely to those around us. Not just our relations and friends but to strangers and people we are not necessarily attracted to. All could do with a little love and kindness, for some just a few minutes of our time would mean the world.

Secondly, the purpose of this Path is to ultimately serve the Spiritual Beings by bringing down Knowledge and Wisdom, to help this sad and ailing planet of ours. But before they would entrust us with this charge, they would have to “See” that our hearts were pure and that we have aligned and resonate perfectly with their wishes, in order to carry out this Great Work.

And so it is this concept of service that holds the key to your personal journey and the journeys of all you may bring along, by simply being inspired and happy to share its source with those around you. If approached with love and humility it will enhance your life and the lives of others beyond belief. It is also service that will allow the Spiritual Hierarchy to speak through us and save this beautiful planet of ours.

The greatest Service of all is the bringing of Spirit into matter.