Когда люди пишут о своем опыте и состояниях Сознания, они обречены на провал, поскольку одними словами не возможно передать Красоту и Величие Духовных Царств. Однако, они пытаются это сделать, чтобы вдохновлять других, и  мы благодарим их за эти  попытки!

*из-за отсутствия информации  к какому полу относятся люди, написавшие свои истории, в переводе использовался мужской род там, где нет явного подтверждения в обратном (от переводчика).

Testimonial (J.B.)

Since using the mantra, I have a deeper understanding of how much more expansive my the universe is. My World has become smaller in comparison to bigness of it all. Most interesting is that I don’t feel smaller in this expanded Universe. I feel more a part of this expanded Universe, I get a sense of peace, that this Universe… Read more →

Testimonial (D.P.)

Meditating on the Light and Sound has added an incredible level of depth to my life that nothing else I have tried compares to. Over the years it has continued to melt away those parts of me that were nothing other than barriers to my progress on my Spiritual Journey leaving me feeling lighter, happier and more open to these… Read more →

Testimonial (D.H.)

The light and sound meditation is an ancient method of meditation which reveals a spiritual path from revelation of the thousand petaled lotus to enlightenment. Seeing the thousand petalled lotus on my first initiation when I was just 20 years old way back in February 1987 was an amazing spiritual experience which showed me how pure the spiritual realms inside… Read more →

Testimonial (M.H.)

“My Enlightenment was one of pure joy. When I sat to meditate I was transformed by a limitless expansion of Love which i realized was my True Nature. Since then I been able to fulfill my purpose of helping others to embark on their Spiritual Journey and to attain to Enlightenment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank… Read more →

Testimonial (N.H.)

“When I sat down to meditate for the first Initiation I really didn’t expect very much. People tend to exaggerate but usually because of enthusiasm rather than deception. So it was with an open mind that I turned up on my cushion that day. In no way could I have been prepared for what transpired when I was given the… Read more →