Spiritual Language

You will find, when reading the articles on this site, that many of the words used start with capital letters. The reason behind this is that the English language does not have the vocabulary to convey the concepts that we are writing about. Sanskrit, on the other hand, developed in an environment in which Spirituality was commonplace contains vast numbers… Read more →

Meditation Anywhere

Travelling in London encouraged me to meditate in places not normally thought conducive to sitting quietly and noticing on the inside. Experience has shown that we can question assumptions and create beautiful changes. One place was on the trains, and the experience can be crowded with commuters pushing into your personal space, poorly ventilated, overheated and anonymous. So not normally… Read more →

Being In The Moment

This is a subject upon which much has already been written and most people think they understand. However, as it will help with meditation, it is worth exploring and implementing into one’s life. In one sense it is impossible not to be in the moment. You are either aware of what you are doing in the present, aware of thoughts… Read more →

The Source of All Knowledge

Where do new ideas, discoveries and inventions come from? Most people would claim that they come from their own minds and were inspired by some event, observation or even a dream. How do we account for child geniuses, who can write symphonies or speak many languages or have outstanding mathematical abilities? Many would suggest that the gifted children were born… Read more →

The Truth About Enlightenment

Often referred to as a permanent state of being. From the Spiritual Hierarchy The permanent state of which you speak cannot be permanent, within a physical body. You can have realizations with states of consciousness but that is what they are, not states of being. For example, you can witness the state of “non thinking” in deep meditation, but you… Read more →

Quest for Peace

What is the point of Initiating and Enlightening so many people? How do we neutralize the intentions of those who are repeatedly causing wars on this planet? From the Spiritual Hierarchy Your answer lies not in how to neutralize (war intentions) but how to change the consciousness of your planet. Once the desire for power has turned into aggression there… Read more →

Aphorisms of Phaedra

We are humbled to have had 33 aphorisms channeled from the hierarchy from a woman of light called Phaedra. We have listed them below and they are also included alongside the rest of the aphorisms which are visible on the right hand side of the website. We hope they will provide inspiration both inside and outside of your meditation. 1.… Read more →