Testimonial (N.H.)

“When I sat down to meditate for the first Initiation I really didn’t expect very much. People tend to exaggerate but usually because of enthusiasm rather than deception. So it was with an open mind that I turned up on my cushion that day.

In no way could I have been prepared for what transpired when I was given the Divine Spark; I felt as if I was being shot into space through galaxies of the most beautiful Light imaginable in colours of white and gold. All I wanted to do was to die right there and then, realizing that even though I considered myself educated, I knew nothing.

Obviously I did return to meditate another day. A number of years later I became Enlightened due to the Love and devotion of my teacher. I now am in a position to help others along the same Path and will spend the rest of my earthly life doing so.

Working for the Spiritual Hierarchy by Initiating and bringing down Knowledge is the greatest privilege a person could possibly be given.”

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