Monthly Archives: Декабрь 2015

Testimonial (J.M.)

Calmness and stillness within leads us to a great shift into a State where nothing is needed and nothing is desired.  We just realize being  free. The mind and the body does not meditate neither does it receive Enlightenment. Only the Self is what realizes itself and from that  realization the true knowledge is downloaded into form. God realization is… Read more →

Testimonial (C.B.)

My Initiation forged a deep dive into the Light and Sound. It was surprising to do the long meditations fairly effortlessly with the new focus for my Awareness. The Sound is with me constantly now throughout the day. The Light feels easily accessible in meditation. I am delighted to accept these blessings and am in deep gratitude for this opportunity. Read more →

Testimonial (C.M.)

My initiation felt profound and strong and it has propelled me into much deeper meditational states. Even though I am still struggling a bit to always hear the Sound, the Light is with me immediately and seems to have a great deal to teach me. The initiation has helped me understand the mission of Light and Sound in both a… Read more →