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At the same time that we were asked to start the Spiritual Path we were told that it was necessary to bring down information that potentially would bring about radical changes in the fields of both Medicine and Science. It seems that this Planet is poised for a massive shakeup.

AlbertEinsteinWe have witnessed in the last couple of decades an unprecedented growth in computer technology which has resulted in massive changes in virtually all branches of science. These changes are happening so fast it is almost impossible to keep up with them. We find ourselves bombarded with endless gadgetry, much of which tends to complicate rather than simplify our lives. Because of this consumer frenzy we have little time to evaluate any particular device before its successor is quickly thrust upon us.

There are many warning signs that the technological onslaught is having detrimental side-effects on a global scale. These include people who are sensitive to microwaves and those showing symptoms of addiction with regard computers and gaming. We therefore need to temper our advances with Wisdom and move forwards with more balance and awareness.

We are therefore fortunate that the Spiritual Hierarchy are willing to lend us a guiding hand at this crucial time. They are conveying many new ideas pertaining to topics such as nuclear physics and cosmology and have produced a simple therapeutic technique that we hope can be made available to the masses. Information pertaining to the medicines can be found on our Therapeutic site.

Please note: at present we are at the trialling stage and although we have had great successes with a number of the remedies we are as yet making no medicinal claims.

As stated above we need to bring down new ideas pertaining to Science and therefore we have developed a separate site to fulfil that purpose (see link at bottom of the page). The site contains short articles that challenge current scientific thinking and offer simple yet elegant alternatives; they represent nudges in the right direction. Topics addressed include: Dimensions and Time, the Great Pyramid of Egypt and Antimatter. Although some of the articles may involve a little mathematics they are generally pitched at a level that most people will understand. So often the appreciation of a theory is lost due to it being swamped by an excess of specialized terminology and algebraic equations. While mathematics is a very useful tool it should never mask the beauty of the Natural World that we should all be inspired by.

Portrait de LŽonard de Vinci (1452 - 1519) (Leonardo da Vinci)The Scientific Website is dedicated to all those who think outside the box because when the Hierarchy “spoke” to them they were “listening”.

Click HERE for our Scientific Website.